Howe Productions is completely geared toward creating video productions that enhance your image, sell your product and communicate your ideas.

We specialize in lively, colorful productions that reach out to your audience without overreaching your budget. Our projects have taken us from our home state of New Jersey, to destinations in over half the United States, to Mexico, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Take a look at our sample clips and we think you'll find that one of our trademarks is a varied approach to the material. The style of your program depends on what you're trying to say. From straight documentary; to actors in studio; to arty and stylish; and every shade in between. We are confident that we can set the right tone for the most important show in the world. Yours.

We have a wealth of experience creating effective, captivating video presentations that will have your audience wanting more. When you look good, we look good.

  Documentaries Corporate Overviews
  Sales and Marketing Training Programs
  Executive Presentations Product Launch Videos
  Milestone Celebrations Meeting Support
  Business Updates Employee Communications
  Video News Releases Trade Show Videos
  Biographies Fund Raising Events

We are Content Experts. To succeed in this business requires a quick grasp of concepts and ideas. Half of the impact of your video rests on proper writing and organization. There's nothing worse than a great-looking video that gets your story completely wrong.

We are Interview Experts. People who go on camera in our videos look relaxed because they are relaxed. Hundreds and hundreds of them, in fact. We respect the fact that most on-camera interviews are not "professional talent" and should be treated as such.

We are Technical Experts. We come from a solid engineering background of broadcast quality cameras and editing equipment. From this platform of experience, we have launched into the latest MAC-based digital non-linear editing and graphics technology, as well as next-generation DV and HD cameras and imaging equipment. You can expect a degree of professionalism you only find with top-of-the-line producers and agencies.

We are Production Experts. Whatever it takes. Whether it's hiring local crews to shoot in remote locations around the country or across the world. Stock footage and stock animation. Voice-casting for voiceovers. The best music libraries available. Steadi-cam. Camera dollies. 3-D animation. Hi-definition. Custom set construction. On-camera talent casting.

Let Howe Productions show you how...

Chris Howe

As president of Howe Productions, Chris Howe has worked in the field of video communications since 1981. When he's not heading up his own productions he is working as a freelance producer/director.


Gigi Howe

As resident graphic artist, Gigi Howe adds a distinct look to our work through the use of Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects graphics and 2-D animation. Gigi also designs websites.



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